Oh! Sensual Hot Lips
Oh! 性感豐唇蜜

甜蜜性感櫻唇 Up to 40%!

Oh! 性感豐唇蜜蘊含專利成份 MaxiLip,獨特豐唇技術有效令唇部豐滿40%,刺激唇部骨膠原,令雙唇滋潤亮澤。


浪漫甜美的粉紅豐唇蜜,塗上櫻唇後即有微微發燙感覺,促進雙唇血液循環,令櫻唇瞬間漲卜卜。熾熱過後帶來絲絲甜美, 蘊含肉桂香葉油令櫻唇像注入蜜糖般甜絲絲,倍添親吻時的甜蜜感覺。

要達致最理想效果,連續使用性感豐唇蜜一個月內令雙唇豐滿40% !



  Oh! Sensual Hot Lips
Up to 40% more lip volume without painful, expensive injections!

Sensual 40% more lip volume!
No painful, expensive injections with Oh! Sensual Hot Lips! The patented ingredient MaxiLip™ increases lip volume by up to 40%. This unique technology stimulates the skin’s own collagen synthesis, which makes for both revolutionary enhancement of the lips and significantly improved lip contour. A younger, fuller and more sensual mouth, lips nobody can resist…

All over the world, kissing is a fantastic part of love and daily life. Oh! Sensual Hot Lips leaves your lips glossy and provides a subtle and delightful tingling sensation. The active ingredients stimulate the blood circulation, which ensures natural looking red lips. Thanks to the sweet taste, combined with a sensual tinge of cinnamon, your lips will glow pleasantly and kissing will become even more fantastic!

To achieve the best results, apply Oh! Sensual Hot Lips every day, and your lip volume will increase by up to 40% within one month.





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