Oh! Sensual Health Cream
Oh! 性感呵護霜










  Oh! Sensual Health Cream
A cream for women for sensual stimulation and intimate care.

Smooth as Silk
Its smooth texture is derived from green tea, aloe vera, olive squalane and rice oil. The addition of mint creates the titillating experience.

For an increased sensual sensation and orgasm intensification, the cream contains an abundance of natural aphrodisiacs such as ginseng, wild yam and ginkgo biloba.

Women of today may be sexually liberated but often lead a hectic life. Stress and fatigue undermine and can even block sensual impulses whereas these are so vital. Oh! Sensual Health Cream enables you to keep sexuality and intimacy within easy reach. The cream’s titillating sensation will bring you and your partner closer together. Oh! Sensual Health Cream means more than just pleasure, it is the ultimate experience for your body and soul.

Oh! Sensual Health Cream is unique because of its contemporary formula of natural plant extracts and effective aphrodisiacs. The silky texture is derived from the olive squalane which provides transparent olive oil. Beside the softening effect it also moisturizes your skin: a most beneficial indulgence after your bath or a bikini line treatment. Ginseng has been in use in China for over 5,000 years as one believes it lengthens the duration of life. We believe that Oh! Sensual Health Cream makes life more pleasurable and that happy people live longer! Green tea stimulates your blood circulation and improves your immunity system. Wild yam is a bright red climber that grows in Central and East America and has an intensely relaxing effect on your muscles. From the purple-coloured mint leaves an extremely volatile oil is derived which provides the titillating sensation. L-arginine is an amino acid and it has been scientifically proven that it increases the absorption of oxygen by blood cells. An improved blood circulation combined with the stimulation of the clitoris are the foundation of a more profound sexual experience for women.

For external use.
Dermatologically tested. 100% Fragrance free. Preferred use until 18 months after opening.





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